By Satellite

By website

By prospect typologie

By content category

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Shopping cart abandonment

What is it ?

Reach the consummers where they are.

This strategy allow to disseminate your advertising banners to a targeted audience according to their geo-tracking, during a defined period.
We collect the mobile ID of the defines zones (competitors, restaurants, parks…) and deliver your ads on mobile phones, computers and touch pads.


Communicate on a customer typology according to the events you’d like to cover.


To advance the understanding

Identify your target audience
According to their profile and their geographic location

The target audience receive your advert
By banners, real time, on their apps and consulted websites
A report measure the diffusion performance
Click to rate and Drive to store

A few clarifications

  • Our banners are viral thanks to the mobile phone ID and are relied on all the digital environment (touch pad, computers…)
  • The advertising pressure can be from 2 to 6 banners a day by person
  • We can communicate on a unique ID from 5 minutes to 30 days
  • The duration of a GPS and Event is 45 days minimum (relative to the banners dissemination and the recoverable id number)
  • Geo-tracking accurate : 3 meters
  • Our campaign are adaptable during it. We can add or remove zones, extend the campaign terms or add banners.