About us

XXL Visibility is a digital marketing agency which deliver your advert banners
on mobile phones, computer and touch pad.
Created in 2018, XXL Visibility is the marketing focused company that turns your prospects in clients thanks to the drive-to-store and drive-to-web technologies. : Mobile phone targeting on GPS zones

SINCE 1997

 A leading team in the communication professions

Requested by all the communication channels, targeting its interests, the human mind is currently reactive to targeted adverts.

To distribute your adverts on a increasingly receptive audience, XXL Visibility never stop to analyse the human behavior on the digital environment, and on the real world.

I am Christophe Berrodier and am a part of the web pioneers. I run XXL Visibility which is driven by web technology and geo- tracking performances, by offering a large range of services associated to the banners display, for the best « drive to store and drive to web » performance.

XXL Visibility

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clause on the marketing of the technology in Europe

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  • We work according to the new GDPR Law for « General Data Protection Regulation »
  • Prohibiton to collect any personal data
  • The mobile phone ID are collected only for 30 days
  • Each mobile phone ID is encrypted
  • The user has to consent to use the geo-tracking function to receive our advert banners



  • Highest quality traffic : The dissemination of your campaign won’t be on inappropriate websites thanks to PEER39 by ©Sizmek
  • 20 years of digital sector expertise.



We are committed :

  • To work with only one partner by line of business, by regions, on a defined time period in order to avoid unfair competition
  • Not to share your objectives and campaign results
  • Not to share your personal data



  • We commit ourselves to launch a campaign under 72 hours
  • We include the banners realization (pitch and visual)
  • You will receive a weekly report to measure the progress of the campaign
  • We are available to answer to any questions and change, before, during and after the advert campaign